October 11 (Wed) – 14 (Sat), 2023
KKR Hotel Tokyo

Welcome Message

Toshiro Sato, MD, PhD
Chair of the 41st Sapporo International Cancer Symposium (SICS),
Secretory General of Ohno Moonshot International Cancer Symposium (OMICS), Professor, Keio University School of Medicine

Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Guests,

With immense honor and joy, I am thrilled to announce the upcoming SICS-OMICS Cancer Organoid Meeting: Domain Expansion, which will be held at the KKR Hotel Tokyo, Japan, from October 11th to 14th, 2023. We are genuinely excited to extend a warm welcome to you in person at this enlightening gathering. This distinguished symposium is a collaborative effort, jointly hosted by the Sapporo Cancer Seminar Foundation and the Moonshot R&D Program, representing a significant milestone in the ever-evolving realm of cancer research.
Advancements in sequencing technology have enabled the identification of genomic lesions associated with cancer. Genetically engineered mice and cell lines have shed light on the underlying biological mechanisms. However, the complexity of clinical cancers has often eluded our understanding, primarily due to species differences and intricate variations within clinical cases. Our progress has been hindered by the scarcity of research platforms capable of faithfully mirroring the biological intricacies of diverse clinical cancer tissues. Fortunately, the emergence of organoid technologies, capable of reconstituting various tissues in vitro, has ushered in a new era in cancer biology. Coupled with genome editing technology, we can now perturb human tissue cells to understand the transformation from normal to cancerous states. Furthermore, the fusion of diverse fields, including live imaging, single-cell analysis, and mathematical modeling, has propelled cancer biology into uncharted territories.
The Cancer Organoid Meeting: Domain Expansion comprises 16 sessions, spanning from fundamental cancer research to practical clinical applications. We are honored to host esteemed researchers from around the world, who will share their latest discoveries and provide a panoramic view of human cancers using cancer organoid technology. Our collective goal is to disseminate the most recent research findings and explore their practical implications in the ongoing fight against cancer. We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join us in this international symposium and unite in our quest for a future free from the burden of cancer.
I am firmly convinced that this symposium will be an invaluable opportunity for all participants, especially young scientists, to delve into cutting-edge topics across various dynamic fields of cancer research. As members of the organizing committee, we eagerly anticipate your presence and wholeheartedly appreciate the invaluable contributions you will make to the presentations and discussions at this symposium.

Warm regards,
On behalf of organizing committees of SICS-OMICS

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